Meet sophomore entrepreneur Yan Gorshtenin


Amanda Feenberg - Staff Writer, '18

Although many have tried, few have succeeded at creating a unique and profitable website.  However, Sophomore Yan Gorshtenin has been successful in founding the innovative website “Netlodge.” Netlodge, a database targeted for startup companies, entrepreneurs and investors, consists of over 25,000 videos of high quality entrepreneur and business guidebooks from startups and founders all around the world.

“Our team of professional curators bring their expertise and handicraft to select unique, high quality content of startups and business related news, so that you can spend less time searching and more time enriching your mind,” said Gorshtenin.

Gorshtenin’s experience as an intern at Google Glass in 2014, along with his work for Amazon Web Services, provided him with the skills needed to create Netlodge. He developed the website completely from scratch, a task that required hours of hard work and many four am coffee runs.  He was able to utilize resources from other business ventures for tips along the way.

“I always wanted to start something new, whether it was selling some of my own items, or even creating websites for huge companies,” said Gorshtenin.  “Basically, I always wanted to start a career in business.”

Gorshtenin began brainstorming and planning the future of Netlodge in October 2014 and launched the site in April 2014 with 3983 followers and subscribers. Currently, Netlodge has 60,000 followers and includes 400 startups and entrepreneurs in its platform. Gorshtenin believes that a product can always be improved and he continues to make updates and improvements every day. In the future, Netlodge will be offering other options such as a full service  “Start-your-own-business” along with subscription-based downloadable videos.

Throughout this process Gorshtenin’s most valuable lesson was learning from failure.  He faced multiple obstacles while trying to start up the business, including struggling to attract visitors to the site and find paying clients. He continues to learn from his mistakes and grow from them along the way.

“This business I have is my passion; I’ll either create billions off of it or start something even better from it,” said Gorshtenin.

There are many opportunities that lay ahead in Gorshtenin’s career. He has already been offered a job working on the Disney website, but declined due to the fact that his passion lies in Netlodge. Amazon and Google have already flown him out to their headquarters to showcase Netlodge.  Gorshtenin is passionate about the success of Netlodge and he continues to put all of his effort into its thriving success.