Seniors who have changed drastically throughout high school write letters to their freshmen selves

Jackie Sedley - Editor-in-Chief, Chaya Gruber - Photographer

June 8, 2017

On June 15th, the class of 2017 will receive their diplomas, flip their tassels and officially commence the next stage of their lives. Beginning as adolescents and leaving as adults, most CHS seniors have drastically changed sin...

Junior Lexi Weakley presents “The End”

Ashley Rubens - Staff Writer

June 8, 2017

Junior Alexis Weakley developed a love and passion for musical theater early on in her childhood. By the young age of 8, she was already performing in front of large crowds of people in multiple shows annually. Throughout her ...

Calabasas campus staff goes above and beyond to make school better for students

Gianna Dallman - Staff Writer, Rockey Greenberg - Creative Director

May 16, 2017

Fernando Orozco             Since starting work as a custodian in 1990, Fernando Orozco has always made CHS an enjoyable and beautiful environment. This past April, Orozco...

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