CHS at Home Channel Provides Community Wide Information

CHS juniors, Andrew Sefton and Farbod Farrokhnezhad, are making the most self isolation by creating an informative social media channel called CHS at Home. 

CHS at Home is an account on Instagram, as well as a YouTube channel, run by the account’s producer, Farrokhnezhad, and associate producer, Sefton, where they discuss relevant community and global topics. They teamed up with the sophomore AME class to create seven different segments for the show:  “One Minute With…”, “Game Show”, “Talk Show”, “News”, “Sports”, “Politics” and “Culture.” The “One Minute With…” segment features school personnel guests on the show where they have one minute to discuss a hot topic that students are curious about. Previous guests on the show include Mrs. Foss, Mrs. Exner, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Palarz. 

“We have a news segment, which is with our sophomores in the AME class,” said Sefton. “They will find a current event and they will edit down their little video into a short amount of time and just send us their research they’ve made on it.”

The two boys started their show with a hope to gain knowledge about different aspects of the CHS community during this difficult time and share updates to the student body. The topics they cover vary from questions about prom and at-home learning to worldwide news and current information about politics.

Students and families have many questions and concerns regarding the current learning situation and Farrokhnezhad and Sefton are no different. As they report and interview administrators and teachers, they are learning things for the first time with a goal of getting this new information out to the community.

“The questions that we’re asking ourselves, we’re trying to give to the audience answered as good as possible,” said Sefton.

The two are devoting lots of time and putting in great effort to create an interesting show for the CHS community. Each episode is aired Friday nights at 9pm on IGTV and YouTube. They also post a short clip of the episode on their Instagram to give people a sneak peek, which is linked to the full IGTV episode. Their account can be found on Instagram @chs_at_home and on YouTube, CHS at Home Weekly Show.