Selfies promote self-confidence in a world where confidence is rare


Isabel Ravenna - Staff Writer, Photo by Landon Ferris - Photographer

Due to the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, selfies have become a prevalent trend of the modern era. Users have beared witness to a variety of selfies, from the “duck face” to “fresh-faced,: displayed in portrait pictures all over the internet. While some consider selfies a frivolous trend that feeds narcissism, in actuality, selfies are a wonderful thing because they boost people’s confidence and spread positivity by allowing people to capture the moments when they feel the most confident in themselves, receive compliments from their peers and bond with fellow selfie advocates in the comment sections.

When posting selfies, people strive to exhibit what they believe is the best version of themselves. These photos may feature a well-styled outfit, flawless makeup, or “golden hour” lighting. Looking at these pictures remind selfie-takers of a time they felt especially good about themselves, promoting self-love. Some may argue that finishing a selfie-photoshoot and not being content with the majority of the pictures taken can feel defeating. WHile this may be true about choosing which selfie is postable, these insecurities are diminished once the picture is on the internet and followers begin giving feedback.

Positive comments on selfie posts largely help boost people’s confidence. According to Instagram statistics, an Instagram profile with a follower count between 700 and 1600 followers receives an average of about 40 comments per selfie. While it is true that not every comment is positive, most selfie advocates admit that they make an effort to comment positive feedback on others’ pictures, even if it is not genuine. Although the sefie might not be exactly “A1” or “bomb,” spreading kindness in the form of a comment is both convenient and fun.

“My friends and I have kind of an unspoken code between our selfies,” said sophomore Kennedy Allison. “We always comment compliments on each other’s social media, so that they comment good things on our pictures.”

By commenting on other people’s selfies old friendships are nurtured whilst new friendships are born. Through some these relationships may exist mainly online, special kinds of bonds is nonetheless formed. This is the bond in which the only conversations ever exchanged are compliments, “thank-yous” and quick smiles when passing in the school halls because the only thing the selfie-posters really know about each other is that they are nice because they complimented them.

While it can be argued that choosing the perfect selfie can get frustrating and that social media users can become discouraged by others’ selfies when they compare them to their own, there is a reason an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook user is posting a picture with their face as the subject, and the truth is, getting validation and positive feedback regarding their features is definitely a confidence-booster. In this dark world where society brainwashes teenagers to hate themselves and conform to a single, narrow standard of beauty, selfies are a beacon of light and positivity that allow people to celebrate themselves and demonstrate the beauty of diversity.