Q&A with senior Powder Puff coach

Sports Q&A with senior Powder Puff coach Teemak Hayes. 

Teemak Hayes senior Powder Puff coach

1. How do you expect this year’s powder puff to go?

I expect this year to be very fun. Football is such a great sport and the girls enjoy playing it.

2. Do you think you will do better than last year?

Definitely. Last years seniors were really tough. I feel like we have the upper hand this year against the juniors.

 3. How are you going to prepare the girls for the game?

These girls are already prepared given that they played last year. We just have to do our job as coaches and expand their knowledge of the game.

 4. What do you do as a coach?

As defensive coordinator, I am in charge of the defensive side of the ball.

 5. How do you plan to incorporate what you learned from football into this powder puff game?

I try to teach the girls how to play the game like I play it. I have a lot of knowledge and experience with this sport. Most of these girls have an athletic background so coaching them is not hard at all.