Managing a student-athlete life is difficult but possible

Managing a student-athlete life is difficult but possible

Student-athletes are some of the busiest people in school. An average day for these ambitious adolescents could easily consist of waking up, eating a nutritious breakfast, attending school, immediately going to sports practice, returning home to complete homework and going to bed to start the cycle again. Playing a sport and keeping up with one’s schoolwork can be a very stressful task in high school. No matter how long a student has played their sport, there are always those days when they feel that there is not enough time in the day to achieve their athletic and academic objectives.

Although is sounds daunting, succeeding as a student-athlete is completely possible. Many high school athletic programs hold practice every day after school. How are students supposed to finish all their homework, play their best at practice, and still get a good nights rest? The answer is time management a simple answer with a not-so-simple execution. The students who fret are not alone; almost every student-athlete feels this way at sometime or another. Being motivated to succeed should always be a priority. Working hard and being dedicated may mean that students should limit cell phone time and social media time as well, and focus more on their school and sports.

Another way to help student-athletes feel a little less stressed is to break down their busy schedules. Maintaining a weekly routine by keeping a planner on their desks can be very helpful. For most sports, practice schedules are generally the same each week, so planning out a week can be a very advantageous. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success so give 100% in school and at practice.

Sometimes students forget the big picture when their lives are filled with academics and athletics. Being overly focused on school and sports can be very stressful and seem like it takes up the entire day. Students should use their resources and build their networks. Being an athlete and a good student shows ambition and that they are goal-oriented. Discipline is good, but as high school students, do not forget that having a life outside of school and sports is very important. Students should not be so jam-packed with school and sports that they start to dislike them and have a drive to succeed in either.

Being a student-athlete is difficult yet ultimately manageable. The key component to being a scholarly athlete is time management, and planning out your schedule and having priorities are important aspects for success.