Meet mixed martial artist Ryan Fathi

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Meet mixed martial artist Ryan Fathi

Danielle Klinenberg - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Ryan Fathi

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Inspired by Brazilian martial arts legend Anderson Silva, junior Ryan Fathi spends most of his free time training in mixed martial arts. Every day when Fathi enters the gym, he channels his inner Silva and strives to do his best. Fathi prefers unorthodox training and hopes to one day challenge others at the high competitive level that Silva participates in.

For the past 14 years, Fathi has fully committed himself to the intense, thrilling sport of mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a combination of wrestling, boxing, karate and kick-boxing where competitors try to knock out their opponent.

“My favorite part about mixed martial arts is the various places it has taken me,” said Fathi. “Getting to travel around the country competing is a lot of fun.”

Fathi spends at least three hours every day in extreme training sessions that include sparring, pad work, drill practice and conditioning. In addition, he tries to run for an hour after practice to increase his endurance and stay extremely fit. Fathi usually participates in competitions once a month across the nation. No matter the competition, Fathi puts his whole heart into every match.

“My coach and training partners always give me the extra push and motivation I need to give each training session my all,” said Fathi.

Although his dedication to mixed martial arts tends to limit his free time, Fathi would not give up his passion for anything. Fathi has won multiple competitions, including the Thai Boxing Association North American Championship and has also been given the opportunity to compete for two more national titles this year.

“Competing has always humbled me, but the largest lesson I have learned is that hard work will pay off in the end,” said Fathi. “I use my training ethic in all aspects of my life, working as hard as I can towards all my goals.”

Fathi will not let anything stand in his way of reaching his full potential. He is incredibly motivated to improve and try new types of martial arts. Keeping a positive perspective when he loses matches, Fathi learns from his mistakes and strives to get better regardless of what title he receives at any single competition. He believes that his hard work will be the key to continuing his success in the future.


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