Zia Threading

Allie Broome - Photographer

Paige Yamron - Editor-In-Chief, '12

Henna tattooing is a common tradition among many rich cultures and still remains an intricate form of body art today. Zia Threading on Topanga Canyon specializes in henna patterns and body threading techniques native to India.

For those who desire to express themselves through body art without the permanence of a tattoo, henna art is an ideal choice.

“Henna is more representative of your culture and happiness, it does not hurt your body; basically we are just drawing on your skin,” said employee of Zia Threading Naheed Khan.

Customers are welcome to select from the design book, which contains a variety of patterns. However, one is not limited to specific designs. Henna artists also enjoy creating designs by hand.

The patterns are composed of the delicate blending of fine lines and geometric shapes. The price for tattoos ranges from $4.99 for small designs up to $150 for large body art.

The burgundy design is not only an expression of tradition and individualism, but hennas are applied for blessings, happiness and beauty. •