Halloween costume shop gives customers a thrill


Photos Courtesy of Google Images

Rachel Stewart - Staff Writer, '14

While trudging through the streets of Los Angeles, one store strikes the eye of passersby with its distinct name and exuberant vibe. Countless amounts of outfits appear through the bountiful clothing racks as one enters the gateway into a costume surplus. This superstore is the ideal place to find unique Halloween costumes along with costume accessories, wigs, costume makeup and more. Welcome to the costume jungle, take a look around!
Before emerging and becoming its own vintage clothing store, Ozzie Dots went by the name of Aaardvarks. In 1985, the managers of Aaardvarks decided to branch off and create what is now known as Ozzie Dots. The costume store is managed and owned by Daniel Hazen and is located in Los Angeles right off the 101 Freeway on Hollywood Blvd. The upbeat and welcoming atmosphere attracts visitors and spectators of all ages to browse through the extensive collection of garments.
“We look at vintage clothing as a type of costume,” said Hazen. “Our store brings in costumes that appeal to customers who are interested in creating outfits that are really out of the ‘box’.”
Whether one is looking to be a gory zombie power ranger or a dazzling Broadway star, Ozzie Dots combines the classic costume look with an unusual twist to fabricate a unique appearance like no other.
A popular costume for Ozzie-Dot goers this year is the steam-punk look. This costume is a mixture of Victorian accessories and clothing with a science fiction feel. This rustic costume idea also goes great with a thick English accent.
Ozzie Dots is also home to various glamorous diva ensembles. While having an eccentric wig selection that consists all different shapes, colors and sizes, shoppers are provided a broad range of appearances to choose from. The store also offers exotic makeup and spiffy costumes that will give off the chic vibe of a diva.
For those who want to preserve Halloween’s gore and evil appearance, all zombie lovers are welcome. Shoppers have the option to choose from a zombie teacher, to a zombie Justin Bieber. For blood-curdling reactions, the costume and effects makeup that the store supplies will surely do the trick.
Stocked with a variety of wigs and moustaches, extraordinary accessories and an abundance of costumes, Ozzie Dot’s spunky atmosphere reassures the idea that any costume, no matter how outrageous, can be achieved. •