Holiday Festivities

Jake Bender - Staff Writer

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 Although Christmas is a wonderful holiday, there are millions of people who do not celebrate it. Here are some unconventional activities to do on Christmas:

1. Buy a ton of puppies and bring them to an old folks home. This will bring cheer to the elderly and make you feel good about yourself. Way to be a mensch!

2. Play Monopoly with the family, and accuse your grandmother of stealing from the bank if you lose.

3. Have a heated discussion with your family about how you think the show, Breaking Bad, will end.

4. Go caroling! Rather than singing traditional carols, celebrate the life of Whitney Houston by belting out her classic tunes. R.I.P. Whitney, we love you!

5. Choose a family member to write jokes about, but be careful who you pick. (I roasted Nana Sari last year, and things did not end well. She cried, a lot.)

6. Celebrate Trintismas. Oh, you have never heard of Trintismas? It is an obscure holiday, and I would not have expected you to know about it. The first rule of Trintismas is never speak of Trintismas. I have already said far too much.

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