How to be the best secret santa

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For your “indie” friend, a vintage record will make the ideal gift.  Forget iTunes, as records are most definitely back in style.  Records such as those from The Beatles and Mumford and Sons are sold at Urban Outfitters, Amoeba Music and other hip spots.  You can even buy frames for your friend to hang the records on the wall of his or her room to give it an authentic feel.

For your athletic friend, anything that will keep his or her energy going is the perfect present.  For this passionate athlete, the gym is a second home.  A sporty canteen and pair of workout pants are sure to put a smile on his or her face.  As your friend blasts “Eye of the Tiger” while running on the treadmill, he or she is sure to look stylish because of you.

For your funny friend, a custom-made t-shirt with a picture of his or her crush plastered on it is sure to bring forth simultaneous crying and laughing.  This is the perfect gag gift and a great way to inspire future inside joke.  Remember, nothing spreads holiday cheer like originality and pure embarrassment.

For your nerdy friend who prefers to spend the night watching Star Wars for the hundredth time, go for a sci-fi gift.  Buy Back to the Future on Blu-ray or a classic Superman comic book to fulfill his or her geeky needs.  These gifts would not be complete without a lightsaber for dueling, of course.  The force is sure to be with them when they receive these goofy gifts.

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