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Gabi Weiss - Staff Writer

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As winter break approaches, there is always the inevitable concern of gaining extra pounds from lax vacation dietary habits. If you are in need of a soulful tune-up where exercising is splendid yet intense, SoulCycle in Westwood is the place for you. With its innovative style of exercise, SoulCycle is sure to leave you breathless, literally. This motivational studio allows you to hop on a cycle and let your mind and soul push your body to its limits. Guaranteed to redefine workouts, SoulCyle leaves you no option but to test this theory for yourself. Its newest spin class, Soulbands, pumps you up with high-energy music and motivational instructors. Challenge your body for a full 60 minutes of fat-burning activities that are sure to keep you looking and feeling your best. Cycle on!

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