Coachella: how to prepare


Tickets, check.  Clothes, check.  Now that all the main details are secured and in place, how do you ensure an unforgettable time at Coachella?  Here are some helpful tips to guarantee a great time at the music festival of the year.

In order to achieve the true Coachella experience, skip the hotel and take refuge at the campsite with a tent and your closest friends.  Although camping seems daunting at first, sleeping beneath the beautiful night sky will save you money and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Research stages where your favorite acts will be performing and make sure to show up to that stage at least 30 minutes early.  You would not want to be late to your all-time favorite band simply because you went to the wrong stage.

If you have an iPhone or Android cell phone, download the Coachooser App in order to help you stay on track with acts you want to see.  The app provides stage and camping maps, artist information, friend finding, the lineup and show time schedules.  Coachooser even works without Internet or phone connection, so you can rely on this helpful gadget at any given time.

Always remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!  While these necessities may be easy to neglect in the midst of all the fun you will be having, they are the most crucial.  After all, taking two minutes out of your day to put on sunscreen is better than arriving home with a massive sunburn.

These simple and easy tips will enhance anyone’s Coachella experience.  This year, Coachella will be an experience you do not want to miss and will never forget.

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