Best April Fools’ day pranks ever

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April 1 is right around the corner and to provide some inspiration, here are some of the greatest April fool’s day pranks ever!

  1. The 2011 romantic comedy, The Bounty Hunter, with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston was released on April 1 and brilliantly fooled millions of Americans into watching this pile of garbage.
  2. Mother of three Alison Baker, who is known for being quite the prankster, switched the soda out of the Sprite bottle and replaced it with Perrier sparkling water. Upon realizing what had happened, the Baker family shared a good laugh over what is now known as the single greatest prank of 1987.
  3. Identical twins Mark and Jay Robertson pretended to be each other for the entire day, and not a soul noticed. Can you believe it? Mark has a freckle slightly beneath his left eye, how could anybody miss that!
  4. David Thomas of Branson, Missouri, was named the “King of April Fools day,” but was in fact subject to an elaborate prank concocted by the entire town in that  “King of April Fools” is not a real title. Thomas was humiliated in front of the entire town for falling for such a ridiculous prank. Branson, Missouri is an incredibly mean town.
  5. On April Fool’s day in 2007 my mother told me I was adopted but failed to clarify  if it was in fact a prank by shouting “April fool’s” after. So, either I am adopted or this is the world’s cruelest prank.
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