Get ready for the AP tests now! Check out these tips to start preparing.

Get ready for the AP tests now! Check out these tips to start preparing.

Written by Laura Mishkin – Staff Writer and Blade Hall – Staff Writer



 Find your perfect study haven –

Whether you prefer white noise or no noise, chaos or serenity, find a place that best suits your individual study methods. You do not have to venture to your local coffee shop or library but try to avoid your bed; lying down will only make you tired and want to take a nap rather than help you focus on earning an “A” on that AP Chemistry exam. Establish a setting that you consider to be a comfortable place to study with amicable lighting and little distractions. If you find your study haven and commit to that location, your brain will begin to associate that place with learning, which in turn will allow you to stay focused throughout your study sessions. This tip will help you stay focused and ready for whatever an AP will throw your way!



Spray your way to success –

Perfume is not solely used for smelling; it is also a helpful study tool. Each time you engage in your studies, coat yourself with a distinctive perfume or cologne. Scents that work best are pungent and strong, so try to avoid light or flowery fragrances. Spraying yourself works as an effective method of studying because scent actually triggers memory. After coating yourself multiple times, you will begin to associate that specific scent with the essential information. Make sure to spray yourself in the same place with the same scent. When the time comes for the AP test, spray yourself once more and you will be able to remember information more vividly. This study tip will leave you smelling fresh and ready to ace that test!




Beware of procrastination-

This tip goes out to all the procrastinators in school: do not cram for the test the night before and expect to remember all of the material. Odds are, you do not have a photographic memory. If you study a small section of notes every day over the course of a few days, you will absorb more information. Reviewing study material often will allow the information to remain fresh in your mind whereas participating in a one-night crash course will only leave you feeling stressed and unprepared. The brain cannot be crammed with an entire test worth of information and sufficiently retain everything you need to know.  On the day of the test, you will be calm, collected and ready to score a five on the AP test. This study tip will you leave you prepared for the test and instill a life-long practice of proactivity!



Bubble gum study fun-

Who said chewing gum had no benefits? Scientific studies verify that gum significantly helps improve test scores. While the stimulating effect lasts only a few minutes, chewing gum increases blood flow to the head, instantly enhancing your memory. However, gum does not have a direct effect while you are taking a test, so you cannot use this as an excuse to chew gum In class. This is especially helpful if you want to do a last-minute study session before making your way to class.  With this study tip, you will get the most out of your review time and have minty fresh breath for the test!