Malibu Beach Eateries


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Jessica Smith - Editor-in-Chief

Malibu is the perfect afternoon getaway for exciting adventures under the summer sun. Dive in to these exquisite eateries to experience first-hand the hype of this well known beach town.

Grom Gelato

After a hot day in the sun on the sandy shore of Surfrider’s beach, a melt-in-your mouth scoop of gelato creates a perfect ending to a charming afternoon. All of your dessert desires can be fulfilled at the Malibu Country Mart’s Grom Gelateria. The tall, white walls and bold pictures of its ingredients line the shop to create a peaceful ambiance. Grom prides itself on its use of natural ingredients and flavors in all of its desserts. Each month, new and seasonal gelato flavors entice customers to return for another decadent scoop. Classic gelato, in flavors such as Vaniglia and Café Espresso, can be enjoyed as a simple ice cream scoop in a cup, cone or can even transform into a rich milkshake topped with freshly made whipped cream. Grom provides customers with a gelato experience unlike any other in the Los Angeles area. Check it out each month during this hot summer to indulge in the new and exciting flavors for this sunny season!

3886 Cross Creek Rd., Malibu, 90265

Malibu Seafood

Malibu may be known for lavish shops and the chilling ocean breeze, but something that is often skimmed over by city enthusiasts is its seafood. Malibu Seafood easily satisfies all your cravings and can convert those who are not fans of seafood to fish fanatics. Located on the famous and scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Seafood has its doors open seven days a week to provide fresh, high quality seafood to its loyal customers. This seafood eatery differs from the run-of-the-mill restaurant by boasting a menu full of delicacies shipped from various parts of the world. Steaming homemade clam chowder and Jumbo Shrimp cocktails spritzed with tangy lemon are just a few of the well known appetizers that can be enjoyed on the picturesque premises. After a delicious starter, exotic entrees including the Squid Steak Sandwich and deep-fried scallops are offered for you to feast on. Call ahead and you can have a full picnic packaged and ready to go! Whether you are looking for a memorable dinner with a significant other while watching the sunset or a night out with friends, Malibu Seafood is the perfect summer eatery for fabulous food and a beautiful view of the ocean.

 25653 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 90265


Mexican food varies throughout the world, but nothing can beat this Calif. version of the cuisine. Howdy’s Taqueria, located in the heart of the Malibu Country Mart, perfectly exemplifies the exotic and exciting flavors that Calif. Mexican food has to offer. The rustic appearance and outdoor patio create a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their meals. A display of brightly colored dishes with rich smells immediately captures the sight of any person who walks through the doors. Rated the number one healthiest restaurant in Malibu, the diverse menu features a variety of organic options. The restaurant’s flavorful creations include Magic Mole Tacos and Mexican Sushi. In addition to the spicy foods, Howdy’s Taqueria also has one-of-a-kind drinks, including such as watermelon lemonade, which perfectly compliment the tastes presented in the food itself. Lasso your way into Howdy’s Taqueria for an unforgettable Mexican meal this June!

 3835 Cross Creek Rd.,  Malibu, 90265