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Pasadena Suicide Bridge

Written by Carin Numa – Staff Writer







Pasadena’s “suicide bridge” first acquired its name in 1932 and since then, over 100 people have committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.  This site is believed to house several spirits that haunt the bridge, including a man with wire-rimmed glasses and a woman who has been seen standing on top of one of the parapets, throwing herself down and vanishing.  Ghosts also supposedly walk the riverbed below the bridge.  Local homeless people have reported hearing strange sounds and cries during the night.  They have also revealed seeing ghostly figures lurking in the darkness.  With ghosts haunting every inch of the bridge, there are several urban legends regarding this haunted site.  One person recalls a story about a mother who was abandoned by her husband.  As a result, the woman could not afford the expenses of the child on her own, so she threw the baby down the bridge and presumably fell to her fate.  The baby survived the fall by landing on the thick branches of a nearby tree, but the mother plummeted to her death.  Rumor has it that she haunts the bridge searching for her baby.  If you ever find yourself passing the bridge, keep an eye out.  You never know who could be watching you.

Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California 91105 

Leonis Adobe Museum

Written by Mabelle Salloum – Staff Writer







Have you ever wondered what scary truths lie within Calabasas?  Amidst all the newly erected buildings, old homes like the Leonis Adobe Museum still stand.  Located in the heart of Calabasas, the Leonis Adobe attracts many tourists as well as locals who are interested in experiencing the creepy and spooky manor firsthand.  Since Miguel Leonis’ death in 1889, there have been reports that his spirit lives on in his house.  These reports have given the house the title of one of the most haunted sites in the Los Angeles County.  The first accounts of Leonis’ ghost appearing at the adobe were in the 1920s when a new family moved into the house following the death of Leonis.  The new residents heard footsteps on the stairs accompanied by two loud thuds that came from the upstairs bedroom, resembling the sound of boots dropping to the floor.  This attributes to Miguel’s dug-out dirt chamber where he is rumored to have kept his fortune.  Visitors have reportedly seen a man covered with bloody bandages lying in the room where Miguel Leonis was brought after a fatal wagon accident.  If you are a skeptic of paranormal entities, then visit the Leonis Adobe.  You might experience oddities that are beyond your wildest dreams. Good luck sleeping after this visit.

23537 Calabasas Rd., Calabasas, CA, 91302

Manson House

Written by Mabelle Salloum – Staff Writer








For kids who grew up in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, a popular scare-your-friends spot was the Manson House.  This was the site of the grisly murders of  actress Sharon Tate and her house guests.  The victims were stabbed to death by Charles Manson’s followers and left to rot until their bodies were discovered.  The negative vibes left behind after these murders resulted in the need to destroy the entire home by bulldozer.  Through the years, reported paranormal activity at the Manson House has included sounds of moaning, footsteps and a woman’s voice saying, “take her away,” which was reported by the occupants of the house at the old, ill-fated address.  Murder investigators then decided to call the crew from the popular Syfy show Ghost Hunters.  The experts’ evidence showed that the house is the home of several ghosts.  The voice of a woman in distress calling out for help was picked up on their recorders.  The crew then had a conversation with a male ghost who answered to yes and no questions by making the lights go on and off through a metered device.  The Manson House is said to still be infested with spirits of the deceased that haunt the property.  If you are in for a real spook this Halloween, explore this murder sight, if you dare.

10050 Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210



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