A day in the life of a vegan: Ubatuba


With a more health-conscious America, people are always looking for the next super food. Packed with antioxidants, fiber and low sugar value, the açaí berry and associated products have become the darling of the health food industry. Açaí berries are not only healthy but are also delicious. One treat is the açaí bowl. The açaí bowl is billed as a frozen yogurt alternative for vegans and health food fanatics. The base ingredients are clean and simple: ice and açaí palm fruit. These ingredients are blended together to make a smoothie-like consistency that can then be topped with a variety of cool toppings including granola, fruits and even agave syrup. Are you hungry yet?

Located in Tarzana and Northridge, Ubatuba is the go-to place for the ideal açaí bowl or smoothie. The restaurant is painted in bright colors and has a lively, festive atmosphere. It is kid friendly and the staff is enthusiastic, making Ubatuba an enjoyable place to grab a treat. Ubatuba is loved not only by vegans but also by non-vegans. There are a large variety of vegan-friendly toppings such as strawberries, coconut shavings, sliced almonds and hemp seeds, just to name a few. For those without dietary restrictions, chocolate chips and greek yogurt are also available. Next time everyone wants to go out for ice cream…try a healthy, delicious alternative and stop by Ubatuba.