Match up your zodiac sign with your St. Patty’s day symbol

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RAINBOW OF AQUARIUS OR GEMINI (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19; May 22 – June 21) With the help of the Rainbow, you can instantaneously travel from place to place.  Just like the sporadic power you sport, you are unpredictable and can change moods at any time.  Though you bear a good and wholesome heart, you are constantly changing and often times distracted.  From one end of the rainbow to the pot of gold at another, your constant movement matches your personality.  Be sure to make the most of your charm today with your happy-go-lucky disposition and limitless energy.

CLOVER OF PISCES (Feb. 20 – Mar. 20) The Clover brings diverse and beneficial forms of luck to the Pisces sign.  Your serene and peaceful attitude helps to strengthen your character as well as your creativity.  You have a knack for storytelling and with an imagination like yours, you find beauty in everything.  Do not forget to check the grass beneath your feet every once in a while— you never know what sort of hidden charm you will find.  With faithful trust and intuition, good luck will find you easily.  Be on the lookout for four-leaf-clovers today; your good luck will come in handy.

SHOOTING STAR OF ARIES (Mar. 21 – April 19) If you are an Aries, then your Shooting Star gives you the ability to fly.  Equipped with a sense of courage and bravery, you are always willing to explore.  A pioneer by birth, your curiosity will lead you anywhere— no matter how high the risk.  Adventure is your middle name, and your trip across the night sky will leave you ready to take on the world.  However, do not wait for the sun to go down. Explore now.  Discover and follow your instinct; your shooting star can bring you on a daylight journey as well.

HOURGLASS OF TAURUS OR SAGITTARIUS (April 20 – May 21; Nov. 23 – Dec. 22) With the ability to control time using the charm of the Hourglass, it seems as if nothing can stop a Taurus or Sagittarius.  Integrity and goodwill ensure that your strength will not be taken advantage of, but beware– your stubbornness will cause you to insist on achieving your goals fairly.  You do not waste a moment; as the clock ticks down you always move quickly and efficiently, as if you really do control time.  There are only 24 hours in a day, so make sure you do not let it go to waste.


BLUE MOONS OF CANCER OR SCORPIO (June 22 – July 22; Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) Gifted with the charm of the Blue Moons, you have the power of invisibility.  This power will help you, as you are more of an observer than a participant.  Although you are not much of a social butterfly, you are deeply loyal to the ones closest to you.  Only every once in a blue moon will you find yourself desiring the company of others; you prefer peace and solitude.  With determination running through your veins, your power of concealment will help you reach your goals.

HEART OF LEO OR VIRGO (July 23 – Sept. 23) If your Zodiac sign is a Leo or Virgo, then your charm is a Heart.  Even though you may be a little wild, you are fiercely loyal and true to your friends.  Your heart never stops racing— and that is how you like it.  You have the power to bring things to life; you are good at perking friends up when they are feeling down or getting the party going when you want to amp up the mood.  Let your extra-large heart lead you in all your endeavors.   Never question your emotions in order to remain on the path fate has set for you.

HORSESHOE OF LIBRA (Sept.. 24 – Oct. 23) The charm of the Libras is a Horseshoe, and you have the power to speed things up.  You are quite the speed racer yourself, as you are constantly active and moving.  You also bring everything and everyone together, forming partnerships and groups around you.  You also hold them together in place by keeping them laughing as you horse around.  You might feel a little rushed and anxious today, but with your smooth speed be confident in your ability to handle any challenges. 


BALLOON OF CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20) As a Capricorn, your Balloon gives you the power to make things float.  People have always turned to you to get the job done due to your efficiency and reliability.  Along with a sense of loyalty and self-discipline, any type of task can be entrusted to you.  Your ability to make things rise will always lie within your hands— being dependable and skillful, you will never let anything fall.  Use the self-motivation this charm gifts you to presevere through all hardships you face and follow your dreams.

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