Check out the latest spring fashion trends set by these fashion fanatics: Tatiana Jae

Stephanie Hartog - Photo Editor

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Tatiana Jae: 
Pretty Pastels 

Dressed head to toe in a stylish ensemble, sophomore Tatiana Jae turns the lower quad into her own runway.  She sports many Bohemian looks but this spring, Jae shows off her style with various pastel colors.  Between a minty-green pencil skirt and a sleek green and floral kimono, Jae uses her love for fashion to express herself.  Her casual braid and flared jeans are important for any complete wardrobe.  She has a unique sense of style and bold outfits creates inspiration for others. 

Q: How does fashion inspire you?
A: I always want to wear something that nobody has, so I look for weirder things that I wouldn’t think anyone else would wear.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?
A: I usually find great ideas when I’m on tumblr or when I’m online shopping!

Q: How do you feel about this seasons trends?
A: I love this season’s trends because of all the pastel colors and floral patterns.

Q: What are your favorite stores for spring styles?
A: Jane and Planet Blue probably have the best spring styles…their clothes are so adorable!

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