Close that textbook and de-stress before finals

Close that textbook and de-stress before finals

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Madison Hatfield - Director of Education

That time of year has come again when your life suddenly gets ten times more stressful and mental break downs are looming in the distance.  You have to ace that final, but at a certain point, you have to step away from the textbooks, turn off the coffee pot and close your computer.  Here are a few ways to enjoy your much-deserved break that are sure to relieve you of stress – at least for a little while.

1.    Log on to YouTube or Tumblr and mindlessly scroll the videos and funny GIFs that they have to offer.  This is a foolproof way to get your mind off finals as you will be fully engrossed in countless random pictures and hilarious video clips from your favorite Internet moguls.  Who knows? You might just find something educational, and you will not feel so guilty for ditching your studying.


2.    Get up, go outside, plug in your headphones and start walking.  Do not consider where you go, just keep going.  This will give you a chance to stretch out your legs and get your blood flowing so that you can stay awake for the long nights of studying ahead.  Blasting your favorite tunes will help you keep you mind off the future cramming so that you can actually enjoy your outing.  Also, studying in blocks of time is more effective than spending continuous hours staring at a textbook, so when you get bored, going for a walk will, in fact, be helpful.


3.    Indulge yourself in some satisfying sweets.  Boost your serotonin levels with a sweet treat that is sure to calm your nerves and please your taste buds.  In times of stress, sugar can be beneficial, so stock up on the dark chocolate and Oreos before finals hit you too hard.


4.    Take a nap.  Allow yourself to drift off to dreamland.  Before you sleep, think about peaceful places so your subconscious does not roam and force you to dream about failing your next exam.  Sleeping will provide an escape from reality and the stress of studying for finals.  Catching some z’s will also leave you well-rested so that you are ready to tackle the study guides you still have to do.


5.    Watch a movie.  With programs such as Netflix and AppleTV, movies have never been more accessible.  When choosing a movie, pick something easy to watch without a lot of sub-plots, and ideally subtitle-free as well. Comedies or romantic movies are great choices because they will make you feel good at the end.  Those two hours will be filled with laughter and joy, and free of math and science.  So turn on your favorite flick and give your brain a nice break.