Try these jack-o-lantern flavored beverages to jumpstart your day

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Try these jack-o-lantern flavored beverages to jumpstart your day

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In the United States, you can never be more than 170 miles from the nearest Starbucks. This can be directly correlated to almost every teenage girl needing a Pumpkin Spice Latté from Starbucks during the fall and winter seasons. This yearly tradition should cease to exist. Starbucks drinks have become too mainstream; the time has come for a change. The following beverage stores sell some pretty chilly fall drinks that should be able to replace the Starbucks trend in no time. 

Peet’s Coffee and Tea: Pumpkin Latte

The harmonious combination of vanilla, nutmeg and pumpkin in this creamy concoction forms an enchanting fall flavor perfect for a cool autumn day. If Halloween were a drink, it would be the Pumpkin Latté from Peet’s Coffee and Tea.


Jamba Juice: Pumpkin Smash

Jamba Juice’s seasonal creation of pumpkin spice with frozen yogurt and soy milk is the perfect mixture to get you into the fall spirit. This blissful blend tastes like you are drinking home-made pumpkin pie right through a straw!


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Pumpkin Chai Ice-Blended

An iced refreshment is a wonderful way to cool down on those warm Southern California fall days. Pumpkin and cinnamon, skillfully blended into this delectable Pumpkin Chai beverage, capture the essence of fall in one cold cup.

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