Make your life easier with these life-hacks: Calabasas Edition

Written by Hannah Lederman - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

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1.  Apply clear nail polish to jewelry to keep it from changing colors and to keep your skin green-free.

2.  Keep dryer sheets available at all times to remove unfortunate deodorant stains.

3.  Chewing gum generally makes you concentrate better, so be sure to stock up on that Extra Polar Ice.

4.  Concerned about people finding out “Bridal Plasty” is a secret pleasure?  Make more than one profile on Netflix and delete the profile after watching.

5.  Put pool noodles in those brand new Steve Madden boots to keep them standing up straight.

6.  Want to flaunt your designer shoes in the rain? Use beeswax to waterproof them.

7.  Tired of bad lighting in selfies? Face the light source instead of having your back to it.

8.  Blisters are an inevitable outcome of hiking in Malibu; duct tape them to avoid pain.

9.  Iced tea is watered down at Starbucks, so ask for no water when ordering your favorite tea.

10. Put your iPhone on airplane mode when charging to get a full battery even faster.

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