Stop watching CSI and jump into a real life mystery at Escape Room L.A.

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Stop watching CSI and jump into a real life mystery at Escape Room L.A.

Written by Bailey Greenberg - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

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Imagine entering a strange room with 11 other people. Suddenly, you hear the door click shut and lock behind you. A clock begins to tick, counting down the hour you have to solve a case and find your way out. Ready to escape?

Luckily, for all of you interested in solving mysteries, Escape Room L.A. is waiting on your arrival. Escape Room is a new interactive adventure race in which you and your team struggle to solve challenging puzzles and riddles, identify suspects and find hidden keys to escape the jail-like room before the timer runs out.

Prior to entering the room, the Escape Room staff will review the rules and then take your team into the room and lock the door for one hour. Your objective is to solve all of the puzzles in one hour and escape, but, if you fail, the employees will come and rescue you. The current rooms located at Escape Room L.A. are “The Detective” and “The Cavern.” “The Detective” features a 1940s detective’s office. Some clues that must be solved are reasonably easy but others will require deep thought. Do not let this intimidate you, because no special skills are required to attempt this challenge; as long as you work collaboratively with your team you are headed toward success. “The Cavern” is another room that descends into a mysterious cavern deep under the city streets where you will discover the secrets of lost civilization until an unexpected turn of events has you fighting to survive as you search for a way to escape.

“Escape Room L.A. sounds like it would be extremely fun with a group of friends,” said junior Katerina Hall. “I feel as if I would get a crazy amount of anxiety also.”

One tip to help you make it out in the allotted hour is to make sure to look for clues around the room. Also, stay away from the grotesque zombie in “The Detective” room because he is hungry and willing to eat you. He is chained to a wall and if he touches you, you will have to sit down and be exempt from the rest of the game. If and when your team solves its way through this challenging puzzle, the team will be featured in the Escape Room Hall of Fame.

Make sure to put on some detective gear and check out Southern Calif.’s most mysterious attraction for a mind-boggling good time.


120 E. Street, Suite 310 & 311 in Downtown Los Angeles

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