Check out these eco-friendly companies

Check out these eco-friendly companies

Allison Lipschitz-Entertainment Editor, Photos courtesy of Google Images

With the gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and organic eating lifestyles sweeping the world, a similarly environmentally conscious way of life is invading the clothing industry. Many new clothing companies are sprouting across the world, boasting having eco-friendly origins of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. Make your next shopping spree at these stores to freshen your wardrobe while reducing the amount of damage you do to the planet.

Considered to be the first conscious fashion brand, Kuyichi, was developed in 2001 based on the concept that sustainability is not a trend but a permanent and necessary way to live. To spread the idea that dressing stylishly and being eco-friendly are not two different options that oppose each other but rather two things that can be done in tandem, Kuyichi crafts all its adorable clothing with solely organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and through a different process than that of cotton traditionally used for clothing. These cleaner methods leave a smaller carbon footprint by means of cleaner soil and water and a healthier population of wildlife and people in the area surrounding the cotton farms.

Another clothing brand, Patagonia is a constantly evolving company aiming to become the most responsible company it can be. When the company first opened in 1988 many employees fell ill and the materials used were not top quality. Slowly but surely the company created a safer environment for its workers and used better components for its products. Today the company sells attire consisting of only organic cotton and fleece made from recycled soda bottles. The company also donates one percent of its sales to environmentally focused grassroots organizations around the world. Patagonia also promotes complete use of our limited resources by sending a truck across the U.S. from which company employees repair any clothing you bring them for free. The employees also sell pre-owned Patagonia clothing from the truck, so make sure to see when the truck is coming to a town near you by visiting the company website,

Though usually offering slightly more expensive wears than common chain stores, these and other green companies both give you more bang for your buck and consciously take action against the destruction of our planet. Support the principles these companies teach by purchasing eco-friendly, fair-trade clothing next time you hit the mall.

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