Catch the Draconid Meteor Shower for a spectacular night to remember


Katelyn Bautista - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

Calling all high school students who enjoy doing cliché activities, are trying to show their deep and sensitive side in order to impress a date, seek relevant situations to reference The Fault in Our Stars, are in the midst of an existential crisis or simply enjoy astrology. Check out the Draconid Meteor Shower on Oct 8. After the sun sets, grab some warm blankets, pick up a few snacks and gather up close friends. Set up the picnic somewhere with as little light pollution as possible in order to make your viewing experience an enjoyable one.
For those who do not know, a meteor is a space rock that essentially burns up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the meteor creates a bright streak across the sky, regularly referred to as a shooting star. The Draconid meteors radiate from the northern constellation Draco the Dragon. In the past, the Draconid meteor shower has produced thousands of meteors per hours, a phenomenon which astrologist have described as “The Dragon Awakening.”
“Whenever I feel stressed, relaxing before I continue with work usually appeases my nervous tendencies, so the meteor shower sounds like a great way to unwind and enjoy the moment of cosmic sky-watching,” said junior Kiana Chegeni.
In order to have a successful meteor-shower-watching experience, you must recognize the importance of being patient. With luck you may see the bright streak of a falling meteor as often as every few minutes. To catch as many meteors as possible, simply lie down with your feet facing north, and let your eyes relax and try not to look at any particular spot. This way, your eyes will be more likely to notice any movement in the sky. The quality of the “show” depends on a variety of things, such as the specific meteor shower, the time you are observing, the conditions of the sky and the phase of the moon. Regardless of the amount of meteors an individual stargazer sees, you are bound to have a lovely, memorable time as long as you have hot cocoa, cozy blankets and good company.