Spending Valentine’s Day alone is not as bad as it seems

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As February rolls around, single people of all ages begin to feel especially lonely. Single individuals promise themselves that they will be coupled up by the time the 14th pops up, yet they never do. Couples seem to be everywhere with their constant public displays of affection. Many wonder how get through the pink, chocolate covered aisles of every grocery store on the planet without a significant other. There are many things that can contribute to an enjoyable Valentine’s Day alone, such as chocolates, a day devoted to beauty and even an adventure for another lonely soul.

Contrary to popular belief, single people are allowed to buy Valentine’s Day candy for themselves, treating themselves to a night in. Many singles enjoy a box of chocolates and a chick flick, which allows them to wallow in their sadness while watching love stories unfold on-screen. A chill night at home is not the worst thing in the world.
Lots of single people forget about all the money they are saving by not being with someone during the holiday. The sales on chocolate are always massive the day after Valentine’s Day. Couples are often expected to treat each other to luxurious and expensive gifts, while singles are saving hundreds. So just think of being alone as an investment! According to the National Retail Federation, total spending amount for Valentine’s Day is expected to top 18.2 billion dollars. This intense amount of money is used to buy cliche gifts such as candies, jewelry, clothes and flowers.

“It gets to a point where the couples at school are quite nauseating,” said sophomore Lielle Kotel. “During Valentine’s Day all I see are couples sucking each other’s faces. Sure, being coupled up on Valentine’s Day would be nice… but I’d rather spend time with friends during the holiday.”

In search of relaxation during the holiday, many people head to the spa! Being single can be stressful, and many are worried they will die alone. Individuals need to remember how to treat themselves because they deserve it. Spas often have major deals on Valentine’s Day, so singles can grab their friends and get ‘couple’ massages. In addition, lots of people enjoy focusing on exercise during the holiday. This keeps them motivated and ready to find love for next year.

“Valentine’s day is something I look forward to!” said junior Gal Dardashti. “I usually get dressed up and go dinner with the gang. I love spending time with my friends and family. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that chocolate is on sale!”

A large amount of people forget how many other lonely people there are on Valentine’s Day. It is often a time where the singles seem to stand out. Searching for someone else who is alone during the holiday can lead to having a significant other the net year.

Students at Calabasas High School often feel the need to couple up because that is what their peers are doing. It is completely fine to spend Valentine’s Day treating oneself or spending time with friends. Valentine’s Day has the potential to be one of the best days of the year, with or without a significant other.

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