Make the most of Coachella by following this advice

Kendall Gurian - Business Manager, Raya Hoffman - Photographer

Coachella is one of the most highly anticipated music festivals of the year. Most attendees start preparing for their life-changing experience months in advance. The weekend may seem overwhelming, especially for newbies, so Coachella veterans have put together a list of tips on how to thrive during the three-day festival.

“Some essentials to bring into the actual festival are: a bandana, sunscreen, sunglasses, water and a backpack or fanny pack,” said senior Emma Brauer. “Also, remember to bring money. Most of the food vendors take credit card, so that makes it easy to get food, and remember to eat! Make sure to reapply sunscreen too because it is easy to forget and you’ll get burned really badly.”

“You should 100% leave for the festival earlier than you think you should,” said senior Sean Argue. “More often than not, something will come up that will prolong you from getting to the concert. On the same page, it is smart to leave an artist’s set a couple minutes early, especially if you’re in the front, so you won’t be trapped in a crowd of thousands of people trying to get out.”

“The most important part of Coachella is the preparation,” said Daniel Tsyurin. “Before Day One, establish a meeting spot with your friends because somebody will probably get lost at some point and there is no cell service. You should also decide which artists you want to see with your group beforehand. That way you can figure out if you’ll need to split up if two artists are performing at the same time. Don’t figure it out last minute right before they perform because you’ll most likely end up missing the first part of their set.”

“Coachella is about the music and the artists,” said senior Gal Dardashti. “Don’t stress out about your outfits or what you look like. Just be in the moment and enjoy the music. At the end of the day, you won’t remember what you were wearing but you will remember how amazing each performance was.”

“Try to go to the bathroom right when you get through security,” said junior Carly Katz. “It’s really annoying when someone in your group drags everyone to the restrooms in the middle of a performance. Also, if you don’t get to a performance early enough, it’s totally okay to push to the front, but don’t be too aggressive or shove people to the ground.”

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone going to Coachella is to know that every moment is an Insta opportunity,” said Lilly Gaven. “But in all seriousness, don’t spend $5 on a single popsicle. It may look cool for a picture, but you should save your money for buying real food or merch.”