The sweetest part of Valentine’s Day

Max Brewster - Photographer

Sweethearts: the Valentine’s Day candy staple that truly makes Valentine’s Day sweet. Year after year, these delicious little hearts remain one of the best selling Valentine’s Day candies, but to my surprise, very few people truly enjoy them. I am here to ask, why?
This tiny candy packed with sugary goodness is a love letter and a snack all in one! I’ve heard people describe Sweethearts as dry, colored chalk, but I think a better description is powdery deliciousness.
For the sake of addressing the opposition, I will admit that these hearts have a somewhat chalky consistency. However, I believe the unintelligent opinion that Sweethearts are “distasteful” comes down to a lack of tasting expertise. This generation does not know how to properly eat Sweethearts, so inevitably, they will not enjoy them. Many people have grown opposed to the pain that comes with biting into a sweetheart, and rightfully so, because the candy is meant to be sucked on!
In order to get the full “Sweetheart experience,” I have created an intricate, three-step process to guide those who doubt the yumminess of Sweethearts. The first step is to read the sentimental phrase on the candy and take a moment to analyze its true meaning.
After this intense examination, place the Sweetheart on the front of the tongue because, if I remember correctly, that is where the taste buds are located. But, do not, under any circumstances, bite directly into the Sweetheart. The enjoyment of the candy depends entirely on waiting about a minute or so before entering the devouring stage.
Now that the sweetheart is somewhat dissolved on the tip of the tongue, the consumer is ready to enter the third and final stage in which he or she tastes the heavenly flavors that Necco created. Personally, I like to move the candy around my mouth, so all sides of my tongue enjoy the sugariness before biting into the heart.
Now, the real work begins. Start to bite into the Sweetheart, but be careful not to just carelessly chew and swallow it. I suggest breaking the Sweetheart into a few little pieces then swishing them around your mouth as to really enhance the inside flavors. Once the final ounce of goodness has disappeared, the consumer may relax momentarily before picking up another Sweetheart and starting again; after all, who only eats one! I hope this instruction guide has helped those who were ignorant enough to believe this iconic candy was distasteful. So the next time you come across Sweethearts, don’t hesitate; there’s a world of flavor and romance awaiting you.