Magician Garrett Orness captivates his audience with countless card tricks and enticing performances


At the age of five, Orness visited the captivating Magic Castle in Hollywood.  There, Orness saw numerous magicians preform and became undeniably inspired by their enchanting routines.  Since then, he has been attracted to the mysteries magic has to offer.  Toward the end of his freshman year, he finally began learning more about magic. Orness began spending hours practicing simple card tricks until he mastered the art of shuffling cards.

“What really motivated me to start doing magic was being able to complete my first trick,”said Orness.  “Once I figured out that I could keep learning new tricks I realized how fun magic could be.”

With the help of YouTube, Orness is always learning new and more complex card tricks.  Over the past several months, he has perfected countless card routines that are guaranteed to make any spectator’s jaw drop.  Recently, Orness took his magic career to the next level and began performing coin tricks.  Though these tricks are much more difficult than shuffling cards, he will stop at nothing until he achieves perfection.

In the imminent future, Orness plans to begin making money off his miraculous talent.  He hopes to get booked at parties and perform for audiences at different events.  If all goes well, he intends to continue with his career as a magician all throughout high school and possibly throughout adulthood.

“Being able to see people’s faces when I do a trick correctly makes it all worthwhile,” said Orness.  “Without a doubt that is the most rewarding and inspirational part of magic.”