After years of unexplainable paranormal activity, the ghost that haunts the H building is finally revealed

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After years of unexplainable paranormal activity, the ghost that haunts the H building is finally revealed

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Over the years, CHS has gained a notable reputation as a safe place for students, where they can feel at ease with themselves. However, there have been many reports of strange, supernatural and frightening activity taking place on campus. Due to countless complaints, the CHS administration had no choice but to reveal the story behind the ghost that has been haunting the H building.

The Halloween of 1988 was a dark and stormy night. Junior Madeline Hitchcock was driving home from a party, when her car suddenly broke down in front of CHS. Hoping to find someone who could help her get home, Hitchcock wandered onto the deserted campus. After walking around in the pouring rain, she noticed that the door to the H building had been left wide open, inviting her to enter the abandoned, pitch-black hallway. Desperate to escape the storm, she entered the mysterious hall, followed by the deafening sound of the door slamming closed on its own behind her. Her car was found the next morning, but sweet Madeline Hitchcock was never seen again. Legend has it that every year on Halloween, Hitchcock comes back to try and take a victim of her own. This year, students have decided to further investigate the situation and have been in contact with the spirit.

Although Hitchcock does not reveal herself often, The Calabasas Courier staff managed to snag an interview and get answers that satisfied its curiosity. Hitchcock explained that the night she entered the abandoned H building, she saw a light floating by the stairs. Hitchcock began to follow the glowing orb which led her to English II, English II Honors and English III Honors teacher Kathy Kreycik’s dimly lit room. Hitchcock walked inside only to find empty desks and dead silence. As she was walking out the door, Hitchcock was interrupted by a violent screeching noise and a loud crash that sparked a whirlwind of horror.

“My head jolted back and the last image I can remember seeing was the golden eyes of a vampire bat,” said Hitchcock. “The bat was the same one Mrs. Kreycik had hanging from the walls of her classroom. The bat had come to life.”

The same vampire bat that took Hitchcock’s life is in that very room to this day. Despite the accusations, Kreycik claims the bat is harmless.

“I remember Madeline as a lovely girl, but I have a hard time believing my bats would ever try to harm a student,” said Kreycik. “After all, they’re just cute decorations.”

Kreycik is one of many who has doubts about the existence of ghosts, something that Hitchcock takes extremely personally. Hitchcock refuses to rest until every student at CHS acknowledges her existence. Not only does the fact that nobody believes she is real hurts her feelings, but it motivates her to prove her existence.

“Although I would never harm a student, I still crave revenge upon those who doubt me,” said Hitchcock. “When people say I’m not real, I fly over to Mrs. Foss’ office and possess her to do a tardy sweep. Needless to say, this year a lot of people have doubted my existence.”

Since Hitchcock’s story has been shared at last, she feels more at peace with herself, yet she does not believe her work on campus will be done any time soon. Tomorrow, while walking through the halls of the H building, pay close attention to the people strolling from class to class. Madeline Hitchcock might be standing right behind you, whispering “Happy Halloween” in your ear, or awaiting her next victim.

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