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Like New York City, CHS is home to many aspiring entertainers, musicians, artists and other fascinating individuals. Everyone has a backstory that is worth hearing, and a dream that is worth sharing. Unfortunately, even the most vibrant student can be devalued to a muddled face. In an attempt to beat the blur, The Calabasas Courier interviewed three students, each with something unique to say. These are the humans of CHS.


Photo courtesy of Dan Siman-Tov - Photographer Alison Golub

Senior Alison Golub has witnessed many hardships throughout her life that have helped shape the person she is today. Although being a senior in high school can be stressful, Golub strives to utilize what she has learned from the difficult times in a positive way. She uses her high school experiences as a learning tool, not only through examinations of her own experiences, but also by being able to apply the triumphs and tribulations of others to her own life.

“A good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer back in April,” said Golub. “He had so much to look forward to in his life and there was so much he had to sacrifice because of the cancer. Instead of letting his diseases define him, he kept such a positive outlook on life, which I find amazing.”

Her friend’s adversity taught Golub about perseverance and encouraged her to aspire to being even more successful. Through persistent hard work and endurance, she hopes to be able to create and run her own television shows like her idol, Tina Fey.

“If I could have a career half as good as Fey’s, I would be thrilled,” said Golub.

In the meantime, as Golub focuses on getting into a good college, she knows the lessons she has learned in high school will be there to guide her throughout the future.





Photo courtesy of Dan Siman-Tov - PhotographerTaylor Zuccaro

Junior Taylor Zuccaro is a driven student with a passion for thrift shopping. Whether she picks up an old vintage sweater or unique pair of Doc Martens, Zuccaro never gets tired of the spontaneity that comes along with “thrifting.”

“I love how different everything in a thrift store is compared to things found at a mall. The surprise of what the store might hold appeals to me.”

Zuccaro feels as though second-hand clothing offers a uniqueness that cannot be found in traditional stores. She finds the mall to be boring because they consistently advertise the same styles.                                “You can go to stores in the mall and know exactly what kind of style they display,” said Zuccaro. “In thrift stores, there is always something new to find that I have never seen before.”

Zuccaro strives to be unconventional. She does not feel the need to go along with the latest fads in fashion.

“I’m always looking for something different than what everyone else has,” said Zuccaro. “I love how I am able to find different clothing in thrift stores.”

Zuccaro personifies everything that she loves about thrift stores. Like her clothing, she is offbeat and original and would rather stand out than blend in with the crowd.






Photo courtesy of Dan Siman-Tov - Photographer

Sammy Kumar

Ever since he can remember, freshman Sammy Kumar has always felt he was destined for the Broadway stage. As a student who has always been drawn to the spotlight, Kumar desires to star in his very own “high school musical.”

Kumar is taking advantage of the opportunities at CHS by indulging himself in extracurricular activities, specifically theater and choir.

“I hope to go to a strong theater college and then someday be on Broadway,” said Kumar. “I constantly strive to do better and push toward my dreams.”

Kumar truly set his sights on Broadway after seeing the musical Wicked in middle school and discovering his passion for musical theater.

“After seeing Wicked in seventh grade, I started exploring other musicals by listening to their soundtracks,” said Kumar.

Over the summer Kumar appeared in his first show, The Music Man, at CHS. Being center stage came naturally to Kumar and only inspired him to work harder towards his dreams.

“The summer show really helped me get a taste for the CHS theater program,” said Kumar. Kumar is confident that he will be able to achieve his future goals and cannot wait to immerse himself in the glitz and glamor of Broadway.

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