The Hope Project

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There are 325,000 children currently involved in the sex industry in the United States. An organization called The Hope Project strives to not only stop sex trafficking, but also to raise awareness for human sex trafficking. This organization wants to help those in need and lead them toward a road of recovery. As members of The Hope Project became aware of the prevalence of sex trafficking, they began to wonder how victims of sex trafficking industry were getting help. Since they lacked answers to these questions, the members decided to provide the answers themselves.

The Hope Project’s mission is to educate people about human trafficking and to bring restoration and healing from its effects. For example, Hope Village, a home for people who have been affected by sex trafficking is in an undisclosed location in a secluded area of West Michigan. These victims receive counseling, life skill lessons and educational lessons in peaceful outdoor recreation areas. This organization strives to help women and children recover from their traumatizing pasts in the sex trafficking ring. They are currently in the process of opening a home in West Michigan for adolescents who have been able to escape sex trafficking. This organization also provides residential and non-residential treatment programs, which will provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation. The Hope Project plans on doing this by providing services to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery.

“I feel as if this organization is long overdue,” said English teacher Ms. Foley. “An organization that has a two-fold mission of informing public and healing victims of human trafficking fills a need that has existed for a long time.”

This organization hopes to instill awareness of human trafficking within the community in the future. To help this cause, donate online at

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