Brynn Tiano shares empowering message about self-love

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Brynn Tiano shares empowering message about self-love

Charli Mattes- Staff Writer, Catelyn Kalm- Photographer

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As a young girl, senior Brynn Tiano has wanted to inspire and encourage young girls. She first began her mission by creating several organizations focused on achieving this goal such as Inner Star Girl, Real Teen Talk and Girls We Lead. All of these organizations have a different way of empowering and teaching teens and girls about their self-worth. Brynn has now expanded her mission by writing and publishing her own children’s book where she hopes to spark others to pass on positivity.

Her children’s book, Charlotte Mcgee, Proud To Be Me, features a young second-grade girl who struggles to accept the features and qualities that make her different. Throughout the book, the message of self-love is heavily emphasized. The main character struggles with self-doubt, but as the story progresses, she learns that what makes her different is also what makes her special. The children’s book is based off of many of Tiano’s own life experiences, some of which include bullying and social pressures.

Tiano first wrote Charlotte Mcgee, Proud To Be Me as an assignment for her 6th grade English class; years later, she decided to pursue her book on a more professional level, revising and working on it for approximately two years. Tiano shares that this project is extremely close to her heart because it has allowed her to turn negative experiences into something beautiful and encouraging for others.

“Knowing that I have the power to inspire young teens and make an impact on them is the greatest feeling,” said Tiano. “Just as the main character Charlotte, I have also felt alienated and shunned for being different. It was through a long journey where I finally accepted and learned to love who I am.”

Tiano’s book is now available online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Although Tiano is the author of the children’s story, her book is brought to life through colorful illustrations created by Katie Kilgore, an art student at Moorpark College. Tiano felt that Katie Kilgore best represented the image of her book.

“I have received feedback on my book from parents who loved the book and said that their child relates to it,” said Tiano. “I am so grateful that both families and children are developing a connection to Charlotte McGee.”

Tiano plans to continue her pursuit of writing, most of which will continue to highlight the importance of confidence, self-worth and empowerment; Tiano also wants to write a novel specifically tailored to teenagers like herself. Other than her love for writing, Tiano is enthralled by the idea of helping all children. She hopes to attend college and further her knowledge of education, ultimately receiving a teaching degree.

Tiano’s biggest inspiration and role model has been her mother, Lisa Tiano. Tiano credits her mom for teaching her the importance of a strong work ethic and valuing oneself. Overall, Tiano hopes to continue to grow as a person while writing her books, and in the long run, she believes her message will help raise the confidence levels of girls everywhere.

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