Living Records: the future of music media

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Living Records: the future of music media

Emily Lavin - Staff Writer, Photo Courtesy of Living Records

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Living Records is a music media platform, created by Calabasas High School juniors Jonah Mazer and Miles Salzgeber, that highlights young, up and coming artists who want to share their music with the world.

Living Records gives artists a space to broadcast their talent and express themselves as individuals. Living Records uploads episodes to all their social media platforms including, Instagram, Youtube and their personal website.

“We plan on changing the culture of music media by giving every artist–small and big–the chance to have the highest quality interviews, music videos, live performances and everything in between,” said Salzgeber.

Each episode contains an interview with one artist regarding his or her musical journey, followed by a music video of one of their original songs; this visual journey allows the viewer to gain a better understanding of the artist and all that makes them special. Salzgeber and Mazer have filmed a lot of content that they are excited to share with the world.

“Living Records is unique because the artists get a lot of a say on how they want their video to be done which is the exact purpose of this show,” said Mazer. “We want them to be able to express themselves for who they truly are, turning their idea into a reality.”

Mazer has been working behind the camera for as long as he can remember. Before Living Records became a reality, Mazer created over 40 short films and entered them in numerous film contests, winning many awards for cinematography and directing. In addition to working on Living Records, Mazer also owns an event videography business, Mazer Productions. He spends most weekends shooting Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings which all contribute to the perfecting of his skills behind the camera. He has even been a contributing factor to big name commercials for companies like AT&T and Adidas. Mazer has taken his evident camera skills and applied them to Living Records. He directs, edits and co-produces everything for the music media platform. He has also created all of the graphic design images for the company, ranging from simple Instagram posts to the entire detailed website.

“I basically take my eye, put it into the camera, and find a way to make the shot look even better,” said Mazer. “Videography is like a second language to me, and I just so happen to be fluent.”

As a co-producer, Salzgeber oversees the whole process and ensures that everything is running smoothly. He works to find the perfect shooting locations and collaborates with all of the artists to make sure their vision is being brought to life. Additionally, Salzgeber has a big role in promoting the brand and getting the Living Records name out to the public. He has previously worked on music videos as a production assistant for artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. Over the summer, Salzgeber had the opportunity to intern at Roc Nation, one of the top record labels. He became a part of their house production team for all content and eventually became an intern with the A and R team at Roc Nation—the division of the record label that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing artistic development. Working under the head manager at the LA office allowed Salzgeber to form connections with people in the music industry, which is hugely important in taking Living Records to the next level.

Although Living Records began posting content in January of 2019, Mazer and Salzgeber have been working on this media brand for over a year. Because of their age, Mazer and Salzgeber faced backlash from many people in the music media industry who did not believe in their vision. With that being said, the partners decided to take a risk and create Living Records on their own, without any higher level of supervision.

“We have so much content that we are so excited to release,” said Salzgeber. “We are so fortunate for all of the positive results we have been getting back from the viewers and can guarantee that the content is only going to improve.”

This is just the beginning for Living Records. They hope to one day be bought by Netflix or a Youtube channel that will host their content. Salzgeber and Mazer are continuing to work hard and produce as many episodes as possible to appease their current fan base and hopefully expand it even more.

For more information, go to Living Records’ Instagram @livingrecordsmusic or their online website at Aspiring artists can contact them at 1(818) 730-9912 or 1(323) 309-9545. •