Clara Daly changes the world through her activism

Clara Daly changes the world through her activism

Charli Mattes - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Clara Daly

Sophomore Clara Daly is on a mission to make a change in the world, and after one of her simple acts of kindness in the summer of 2018 went viral online, her notion became widely known. While on a plane ride to Portland from Boston, a blind and deaf man named Tim was frightened by some sudden turbulence. Clara sat with him while holding his hands, offering comfort through finger-spelling in American Sign Language. Little did she know, other passengers took photos and videos of the moment and posted them online.

“I got so much attention for doing something that was natural to me” said Daly. “I just wanted to help.”

Daly now has plans to turn her acts of kindness into something bigger. This remarkable sophomore is involved in several political movements such as pro choice, gun control, sex education, LGBTQ, preservation of mountains and women’s equality. She believes that these few things will make a big impact on the world. Daly continues to fight for a change in today’s society by participating in rallies and holding student-run panels in the LVUSD district. The most recent panel was held in Agoura Hills, with a dedication to powerful women. Even on campus, she has created a safe way for students to fight for their beliefs through her club: GenUN.

“GenUN is a youth led organization that is apart of the UNA-USA and puts on events to educate students about different worldly problems and how they can make change on a local level,” said Daly. “The categories that we focus on are peace and security, girls and women, climate and energy and global health.”

Daly tries her best to spread her activism wherever a voice is needed. This summer, she plans on growing her knowledge and practice by, hopefully, traveling to Massachusetts to help the presidential campaign of her role model Elizabeth Wharton, the current state senator of Massachusetts. Daly continues to make a change by lobbying for a Congressional bill that would implement sex education at all public schools. This young girl has enormous goals that she is on track to fulfill.

“My goal is to make a difference and to see a change in this world,” said Daly. “No difference is going to be made if you don’t start somewhere, and even the smallest things count.”

Daly suggests that some simple ways to get involved in the community are joining meritable clubs at CHS or even following a moving public figure on social media platforms for ideas and inspirations.

“Just get involved,” said Daly. “It doesn’t matter how you start!”
Daly hopes to teach teens how to make informed decisions regarding political topics. She believes that teens have very valid opinions, but that they do not know how to share them with others.

“I think so many kids believe in something, but don’t know how to get involved,” said Daly. “To me, having a belief is knowing that something is right, and fighting for it as much as you can.”