ASB formal commissioners plan “Disco Fever”


Eden Baker-Staff Writer, Nadia Grauman and Veronica Barsoomian-Creative Director and Photo Editor

The CHS Spring Formal is a yearly event geared towards a night of fun and dancing for all students. ASB formal commissioners seniors Carmel Abramov and Lily Mow and junior Chloe Shanfeld work together as a team to ensure that every student has the night of their lives.
After sorting through Pinterest, creating mood boards and gathering input from other ASB members and students, Abramov, Mow and Shanfeld decided upon a 70’s Disco theme for the 2019 Spring Formal.
“In all my years at CHS, Disco has never been chosen as the theme for the dance,” said Mow. “As a commissionership, we work our best to keep the dances as exciting and creative as possible. We all agreed that the 70’s Disco theme is unique and would really switch things up for the students.”
For this year’s theme, the Formal Commissioners plan to decorate the gym with floral patterns, mirrors and disco balls. In order to fully incorporate the energy of the 70’s, it is essential that the student body dresses up according to the trends of that decade.
“For Spring Formal, students typically dress in a more casual, comfortable way than they would for Homecoming,” said Shanfeld. “Some ideas of trends that students could wear to incorporate the vibes of the 70’s are bell bottoms or clothes made from metallic material.”
Going beyond decorations, Abramov, Mow and Shanfeld have ensured that every student will enjoy the food offered at the dance. This year, ASB has hired the Habit food truck to serve the students burgers, grilled cheese and chips. For dessert, the students have booked a soft serve ice cream machine and there will also be a topping bar.
Planning for Formal is not all fun and games, though. ASB students are on campus from the time the pep rally ends on Friday, March 29th all the way until 9pm. During this time, they clean up the gym after the rally and prepare the MPR for Spring Formal. On March 30, all of the members of ASB will be in the MPR from 8am cleaning; setting up; running errands; ensuring that the decorations, lighting and speakers are in place; and calling the vendors and volunteers to make sure that everything is prepared and ready for the night. The students spend almost twelve hours in the MPR making sure that the CHS student body has the perfect night.
ASB members are not the only people who get a say in the planning of the dance. Abramov, Mow and Shanfeld make sure to get feedback from their friends, classmates and student senate representatives to see how they would like the dance’s theme to be portrayed.
“Feedback from the student body is very important to us,” said Mow. “The dance is meant to serve all of the students at CHS, and we want to make sure that everyone will have a great time.”
Each week in March the ticket prices go up by $5 and will be $40 at the door. To ensure that students get the best deal, they are advised to buy their ticket as soon as possible.