New counselor Ms. Wiviott finds her place at CHS

Eden Baker-Staff Writer, Nadia Grauman-Creative Director

As students walk into her office, CHS counselor Ms. Wiviott makes sure to greet all of them with a vibrant, genuine smile. The new counselor, who serves pupils with last names beginning with A-Ch, has established herself with ease during her first two weeks at CHS.
Growing up in Calabasas as the oldest in a family of six, Wiviott had grown accustomed to helping others throughout her life. Guiding her siblings through their daily lives or helping them with their homework had not just become a part of Wiviott’s everyday routine, but also a key aspect of who she is.
“Being an older sister has helped shape me into a helpful, dependable person,” said Wiviott. “Through advising my younger siblings, getting students through their day-to-day issues has just become second nature.”
As Wiviott grew up and developed a passion for helping others, she immediately applied to her chosen colleges with a major in psychology. Wiviott graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, and then went on to Phillips Graduate University where she received an MA in psychology, a PPS credential in school counseling and a license in marriage and family therapy. While attending Phillips Graduate University, Wiviott interned in the counseling office at A.E Wright Middle School.
“Transitioning from working with middle schoolers to working with high schoolers has not been difficult,” said CHS counselor Annabelle Wiviott. “Due to the ages of both myself and my siblings, I remember the experience of both middle school and high school.”
Integrating into the CHS community has been an exciting challenge for Wiviott. She has been warmly welcomed by both her fellow staff members and the students. The kindness of CHS students and staff, along with the many opportunities offered at CHS have filled Wiviott with an uncanny joy and curiosity in regard to her new role on campus.
“The teachers and programs at this school offer the students an environment where they can grow and become the best versions of themselves,” said Wiviott. “As I learn about all of the opportunities that Calabasas students have, I grow increasingly excited to help them navigate and find the programs that best fit their interests.”
Wiviott tries her best to incorporate life lessons and advice in every conversation she has with her students. As students leave her office, Wiviott offers them a piece of candy and one final piece of advice.
“Always remember to take a deep breath and be mindful,” said Wiviott. “You have the confidence inside of you to become the best person you can be, both academically and personally.”