Naviance aids seniors with college applications

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Naviance aids seniors with college applications

Yajur Maker - Staff Writer and Ron Balchandani - Staff Writer

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In 2008, the CHS administration introduced an online program called Naviance. The website’s goal is to make the college application process as simple as possible and to help students keep track of their applications. This year, seniors are required to use the program.

Robin Lutsky, head of the College and Career Center at CHS, is working with the administration and students to ensure that Naviance is used to its full potential.

“Once students begin to use this search engine, they will truly see just how many benefits there are to this program, ranging from ways to find the right college to being able to easily apply to those schools,” said Lutsky.

Naviance provides students with special features that are designed to ease the college search process. With tabs such as My Colleges, About Me, and Scholarships and Money, students can fill out information about themselves including their grade point average, test scores, interests and financial need. Through the use of these tools, Naviance allows students to find colleges that are best suited for them.

Lauren Freedman, one of the counselors at CHS, is in charge of the Naviance system. She hopes to ensure that the transition to Naviance for the senior application process goes smoothly and continues to be helpful to students year after year.

“The website has special links that transfer the student to the websites of the colleges they are applying to,” said Freedman. “From there, they can begin the application process.”

However, if the college happens to use the Common Application, Naviance connects to the student’s common application so counselors and teachers can do recommendations directly through the site. It keeps track of any parts of applications that have been sent, received, or are in progress. This feature helps students follow the status of the different aspects of their applications as well as ensure that everything arrives on time.

The Class of 2012 was introduced to Naviance through orientations that taught them how to use the program. Students were instructed to fill out the counselor questionnaire, which helps the counselors give more personal recommendations. Teachers are also being trained to do recommendations through Naviance.

If students have any questions regarding Naviance, they are encouraged to meet with their counselors, or Lutsky, as soon as possible.

“The system is very helpful for seniors who are confused about college applications,” said senior Kyle Owen. “By allowing us to do it all online, applying for college become that much easier.”

However, some people view the system as too complicated. After learning how to send letters of recommendation through the program, some teachers still prefer to use traditional mail.

“Administrators can see the recommendations through Naviance,” said head of the English Department Diane McEvoy. “I feel that my recommendations should be confidential.”

In the future, CHS plans to further develop the use of the Naviance system. •