Freedom Rider Rick Sheviakov shared his story with CHS students


Allie Broome - Photographer

Jessica Smith - Staff Writer, '14

“A hero is a man who does what he can.” – Rick Sheviakov

This is the message Freedom Rider Rick Sheviakov passed onto CHS students on Monday November 7 2011, when he appeared at CHS to share his story on the much discussed topic of racism in the South.

The Courier staff later asked a couple members of the audience what they thought of Sheviakov’s story. Here are their responses:

“The speaker was really inspiring and showed me how each person really can make a difference. It’s crazy to think about what those people risked and and sacrificed when they chose to become freedom riders. ” – sophomore Z Wang

“I felt very inspired by [Mr. Sheviakov’s]: if you see something wrong, do something about it.: – sophomore Sabrina Meleo

“Going to the presentation was a great experience. Hearing about the Freedom Rides from an actual Freedom Rider had a much greater effect on me than hearing about it from someone who hadn’t experienced it firsthand. Personally, I really admire Mr. Sheviakov.  On top of participating in the Freedom Rides, 50 years later he is still standing up for the principle of equality by speaking to people and spreading his beliefs. He said, “If you see something wrong, do something about it.” This is a simple idea that students should take to heart.”  – senior Annie Lee


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