Question and answer with new Chamber of Commerce Bridget Karl

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On September 1, Bridget Karl replaced Maureen Wahlen as president of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. She told The Courier about the Chamber of Commerce and her plans for education.

Q: What is the Chamber of Commerce, and what does it do?

A: It is a non-profit entity that supports businesses and commerce. We help provide advertising and give a voice to local businesses. We promote their ability to thrive and are there to help them network. When local businesses succeed it helps the entire city of Calabasas.

Q: Why did you want to become president?

A: I used to be the director of marketing for the Chamber of Commerce, and I worked for a company that worked in compost. When the former president was retiring they asked me to take the position. I chose to do it because I have a strong belief in commerce and supporting the business community and the community itself.

Q: Do you have any plans to help education?

A: Basically our goal is to support the school system, and to support any initiatives that will improve the needs of the students. We are very picture-6focused on helping the education committee in the Chamber of Commerce. We want to be involved in anything to enhance education of the students.

Q: Are there any specific programs you are trying to put in place?

A: The education committee would like to raise scholarship money for students specifically in Las Virgenes Unified School District who are high achievers looking to move on to higher education.

Q: What is the education committee?

A: The education committee is a sector of the Calabasas Chamber of commerce that consists of local business people, some board members, and other citizens who are just looking to help. It is in place solely to support education.

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