Plans made for a new recreational center in Agoura Hills

Pegah Natanzi - Staff Writer

The city of Agoura Hills has recently purchased a 6.2 acre piece of land to be the location of a new recreational center. The city is still unsure as to how the center will be laid out; however, numerous ideas are currently being constructed. They plan to have several different sections in the new center.

hen the lease on the current recreational center in Agoura Hills was up, the city decided it would be beneficial to buy this new property. The existing programs and staff at the current recreational center will be transferred to the new building. Some people feel the center should be turned into a skate park as well, while others believe an art studio should be incorporated into the plan.

“Our hope is that we can create a space that the youth in the area can call home. We are trying to create an outdoor space that can be used by a large spectrum of youth, no matter what they are in to,” said Nathan Hamburger, Assistant City Manager of Agoura Hills. “Whether that be skateboarding, biking, hiking, cultural arts, or just hanging out with friends.”

Agoura Hills is currently working vigorously to create an ultimate master plan for the land. Even though they still remain unsure of a portion of the design for the center, they plan to build a state-of-the-art multi-purpose room. The room will be the location of fitness and recreational classes during the day and a place to host larger events at other times.

“One thing that I am excited to be working on is our attempt to partner with some non-profit groups to find a way to service teens not by just creating a room for them to hang out in, but to have a resource center [with] people to talk to when there are issues in their lives and feel like they have nowhere else to go,” said Hamburger.

The city conducted workshops and took surveys at Agoura High School to see what the students want built there. Additionally, they had a meeting with the Associated Student Body at AHS, where they learned that teens are in need of an area to do a variety of activities after-school separate from other programs at the facility.

There are currently no set dates, but the city is aiming to have its final design for the new recreational center completed by May or June of this year. Construction is anticipated to begin at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.