New laws enacted for 2012

New laws enacted for 2012

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Kunal Aggarwal - Staff Writer

Cyber Bullying: As of January 1, 2012, any student who partakes in cyber bullying will be suspended from school.

Student Government: Illegal immigrant students are now allowed to apply for scholarships if they are in a California public university or community college. Additionally, these students are now able to receive fee waivers, grants and reimbursements for serving in student offices at colleges.

Marijuana: A recent law has given cities and counties more authority over the locations of medical marijuana dispensaries. This law will give the government more regulatory power the medical marijuana and as a result, it may be harder for people to get a hold of it.

Medical Permission: Minors who are twelve years and older, now have the ability to gain access to medical care for the prevention of STD’s without the permission of their parents.

Gay Bullying: The state has recently enacted a law that requires school districts to enact a uniform policy that deals with the bullying of gay and lesbian students. The law also encourages school personnel to intervene if they witness a bullying incident.

DUI Law: The new California law regarding driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol states that a court has the ability to revoke a driver’s license for up to ten years if an individual is convicted of three or more DUI’s.