Landscaping project brightens up the Calabasas mobile homes

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On August 8, the Calabasas Village and the city of Calabasas began a landscaping project on the Calabasas Mobile Estate Homes. Briefly, the city of Calabasas had been in conversation with the mobile home property owner to arrange a joint solution to beautify the Mulholland Highway. This area of 2,400 feet of dirt was leased to the owner of Calabasas Village, Larry Rosenthal, and he will be paying for all of the environmentally sensitive landscaping. Instead of a lot full of dust and vacancy, residents will soon see various trees and plants. The City of Calabasas decided to insert a bus shelter so students waiting for school will have shade to sit under.

“[Residents will] be able to sit on park benches and enjoy sunsets or take their dogs for daily walks,” said Mayor of Calabasas Mary Sue Maurer. “It will be a wonderful asset to their community and enhance their property values.”

Before the landscaping started, dump trucks would drop off waste in the vacant lot in front of the mobile homes and leave trucks there throughout the night. Residents complained that when the trucks rolled in, they created large clouds of dust. This made the area unsafe to live in because of the bad health conditions the dust had caused.

“The residents who lived adjacent to Mulholland Highway [the mobile homes] were the ones most impacted by the noise of trucks and cars pulling in and out of the lot and leaving a cloud of dust that coated their homes,” said Maurer.

With the new scenery and pathways being created, residents will no longer need to hear or see garbage trucks dumping trash in the middle of the night. The landscaping project is expected to create a healthier and more enjoyable living environment for the residents of the mobile home estates. The Calabasas area is filled with mountainous open space, landscaped parks and medians, so the City of Calabasas desired for the residents of the mobile home estates to be given the same. The project is said to be completed by this fall.

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