Las Virgenes Water Municipial District donates a grant to LVUSD to help fund science curriculum

Las Virgenes Water Municipial District donates a grant to LVUSD to help fund science curriculum

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Ambika Vartak - Staff Writer

In recent months, the Las Virgenes Water Municipal District granted LVUSD with a $100,000 check to aid the district’s elementary school science programs. This district donated the money to increase more hands-on learning opportunities for elementary school, mainly for fourth and fifth grade students. The grant is going toward educators helping students apply science to real-life scenarios. The curriculum is trying to concentrate on environmental topics such as conservation, recycling and pollution. This program is also trying to provide proper funding for the teachers who teach these elementary schools. For the time being, the donation will sustain the program for about a year. The Las Virgenes Municipal District wants to help school faculty members due to the severe budget crisis. Jeff Reinhart, a member of the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, hopes that the grant will impact students in a positive way. He hopes that these students will learn the fundamental values about maintaining the environment.

“[Kids should] take these values [and apply them] in their daily life,” said Reinhart.

This donation helps the district with maintaining these important science programs as it promotes educating students on the importance of the environment. The LVUSD Superintendent Dr. Dan Stepenosky expressed his gratitude for the program’s efforts to create more funding.

“[The money helps] keep our fourth and fifth-grade science team alive and vibrant, and reinvigorating the water curriculum to promote conservation, which is crucial in California and throughout the nation,” Stepenosky said.

Dual effort from local organizations and schools will ensure that school programs continue to take place each year.