Calabasas High School becomes more eco-friendly


CHS is becoming more eco-friendly through projects set up by students who are passionate about making a difference. Many students from the Associated Student Body and Student Senate have taken action to help beautify the school and increase recycling efforts. Some of the students in charge of these projects include sophomore Alex Barr, an ASB Community Commissioner, and senior Rachel Stewart, Student Senate President.  These beautification efforts began about two months ago, and the recycling project is still in the process of being put into place. Service Learning hours will be offered to students who participate.

“As we approach the modern necessities of the 21st century, we must do our jobs as active citizens of the planet and work toward becoming a sustainable school that is more globally aware of current issues,” said Barr.

The first eco-friendly project that CHS is starting is making recycling bins easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing to students.  Using cardboard, tape and decorations, members of Student Senate, students in teacher Megan Swanson’s Environmental Biology class as well as The Green Team have all created their own handmade recycling bins.  These bins will begin to appear around the school, both inside and outside classrooms within the next few months.

The second project entails a campus beautification plan.  The ASB Community Commissioners along with Mrs. Swanson and the Beautification Club plan on planting and growing a garden with native plants.  This project will eventually lead to another project, the Composting Project, in which compostable items will be used to fertilize the garden’s soil. Students who are interested in cleaning up campus and earning Service Learning hours should contact Barr, Mrs. Swanson or Stewart for upcoming events.

This group of students will continue to lead projects to help the environment and our school.  Their goal is to make a change both locally and globally.