Westfield Topanga gifts CHS with a new sound system


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Ambika Vartak - Staff Writer

On Oct. 31 2013, Westfield Topanga established a partnership with CHS and gifted the school a new sound system.  Technical specialists installed the system, which is worth $20,000, in Nov. of 2013 on the home and visitor sides of the football stadium. The reason for the partnership is to promote The Village at Westfield Topanga and to encourage students of CHS to work at their retail and dining spots. Lauren Young, the assistant principal of CHS, initiated this transaction with Westfield.

This is the first time that CHS has partnered up with Westfield, and Young is thankful for this partnership. Because of budget issues in previous years, CHS had difficulty fundraising money for a sound system. Now, the new sound system has encouraged athletes to give their all during games in hopes to hear their name during the announcements on a much clearer system, as the old sound system was completely inaudible. Young believes that the partnership will yield positive results because both Westfield and CHS benefit with this partnership.

“We’re going to start sending kids over to the Village at Westfield Topanga in order to show them the ropes of part-time jobs and different opportunities they’re going to have,” said Young.

Although this is the first CHS partnership with Westfield, Young hopes to continue to work with this company in the future.