The Ventura County Star presents the Star Scholar Awards


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Ambika Vartak - Staff Writer

On April 22, the Ventura County Star, a local newspaper company, will be presenting the Star Scholar Awards. The Star Scholar Awards will consist of a banquet that will commemorate the academic achievements, leadership skills and community service of high school seniors. The top students, mostly valedictorians in their schools, will be recognized at this event and will be featured in the Star Scholar Special Section of the Ventura County newspaper.

Upon being selected as a Star Scholar, each senior is eligible to receive a $300 to $500 scholarship awarded by community donations and through the Ventura County Community Foundation. Additionally, seniors have a chance to receive a $5000 Julius Scholarship. The Julius Scholarship was initiated by Julius Gius, the former editor of the Ventura County Star. To potentially win the scholarship, each applicant needs to write an essay on why they should be considered as a recipient. The winner will be judged by the Ventura County Star panel and one community member. The results will be announced on April 22 during the banquet.

“This program offers a unique opportunity to recognize these exceptional high school students, who are the future of our community,” said Monica White, Director of Marketing at the Ventura County Star in a press release. “We look forward to shining a spotlight on these talented young adults, as well as the schools that have given them the platform to excel in their academic and personal pursuits.”

According to White, the Star Scholar Program has become the top education award. The goal in the future is to continue to recognize more seniors’ academic achievements.