The Parents Education League of Los Angeles hosts a free Education and Enrichment fair at UCLA

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On May 18, the Parents Education League of Los Angeles will be hosting a free Education and Enrichment fair at the University of California Los Angeles. The fair will be held at the UCLA Commons Covel, where multiple booths will be displayed and a variety if first speakers will talk in free seminars throughout the day.

The booths at the fair focus on providing information to parents and students alike about the types of education enrichment available to all types if students outside of school. There are booths ranging from test prep to tutoring and even other methods of non-traditional education. All the booths at the fair put emphasis on helping all types of students whether they are gifted, have diverse learning capabilities or have a multilingual education background. These booths serve as a bridge that connects members of the community to educational resources they would otherwise be unaware of.

“This event will not only be a huge time-saver for parents looking to improve the overall quality of their child’s educational development, but also a golden opportunity for parents struggling to find specific strategies,” said PEL President Desiree Lapin.

Although the booths at the fair serve as a great outlet to learn about different types of enrichment programs available to a variety of students, the fair’s special guest speakers offer information about more specific topics. These free workshops will include speakers on topics from Arts as Enrichment by Brad Koepenick to Defining ‘Progressive Education’ for a New Century by Landis Green. The multiple presentations throughout the day will talk about different topics that offer enrichment to a diverse amount of students and families.

Through hosting the free Education and Enrichment fair at UCLA, the PEL of LA is able to make information on all types education obtainable to the entire Los Angeles county community.

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