Facebook users can pass account on after death


Hannah Lederman - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

Facebook users can pass account on after death

Currently, a new feature on Facebook gives users the option of permanently deleting the account of a deceased person or appointing a close friend or family member to handle all activities on the account. The designated person, who is called the “legacy contact,” will be able to access the deceased’s account. One’s Facebook can now be used as a memorial of his or her life.

If the original account holder decides to activate the setting, the new holder will be able to write a post at the top of the memorialized timeline, respond to new friend requests and update the profile picture and cover photo. However, if this setting is implemented by the Facebook user, the new account holder will not be able to access messages sent prior to the user’s death. Also, once a legacy contact is chosen, the person in charge cannot be altered.

“I plan on activating my legacy contact feature,” said junior Jordan Meppen. “This way, everything I have accomplished in life can live on forever for my ‘friends’ to see.”

To activate this setting and choose a legacy contact, go to Settings, Security and then Legacy Contact to ensure Facebook for eternal use. With this new edition, the “legacy contact” can keep one’s thoughts and memories alive for years to come for family and friends to look back on.